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We offer various services so that you can reach your objective of immigrating to Canada and be part of the Healthcare system


Online courses

For the Canadian Medical examination, you need a different way of thinking, it’s not only knowing medical terms. We offer the necessary courses so that you can pass this exam with our personalized online course.

Canadian Medical System

We are aware of what is currently happening with the Canadian medicine system, taking exams for international medical graduates, documents to deposit and the different ways they can take to enter the health system.

Migration to Canada

Immigration to Canada

We have at our disposition a team of professionals in the legal system that will give you the necessary information and advising so that you may be able to come to this beautiful country

Who are we?

Canadian Medical Academy is a relatively young company, being able to observe the necessities of international medical graduates worldwide, they now a one-stop place for all the information that they will need regarding the Canadian medical and immigration process. We have associated ourselves with DOFASPRO, leaders in Canadian immigration with more than 40 years of experience in the subject.

We are the only company worldwide that offers this conjoined service. This powerful combination of medical and legal experts, will assures the best advising to the healthcare professional looking to be part of the health system in Canada.

Members of the team

Canadian Medical Academy

Fernando Soto, MD

Fello Jarvis, JD

Sidney Soto, MD

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We are located in Toronto, Canada and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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